Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday to you…

On Tuesday 11th of September NamiAppro is held for 10th time with incredible celebration!

Online sale starts on 20.8. at 12. Online tickets can be bought here.

Tickets are also sold at campuses as follows:

UTA Pinni B / mon 3.9. / at 10 am
TAMK B1-05a / tue 4.9. / at 10 am
TUT Tietotalo / wed 5.9. / at 10 am

Go join the NamiAppro 2018 -Facebook event as well!




Cafés for the 2018 maps can be checked here. The finish line will be same for all and the last place is also there.

There may be small changes in the maps before the event.


Map 1:  Hervanta

Café Linkosuo Duo

Cafe Koko Aleksanterinkatu

Café Aitoleipä Keskustori

Robert’s Coffee

Kahvila Jenna&Minna

Cafe Europa

Koskilinnan Kahvikauppa

Tampereen paahtimo ja kahvila taikapapu

Jungle Juice Bar Koskikeskus

Finnkino (Cine Atlas)

Filmtown (Hervanta)

Kuparitalon vohvelikahvila

Viialan leipomo (Hervanta)

Brander (Asematunneli)

Ståhlberg Home Bakery & Café

Tampereen Työväen Teatteri



Map 2: Tammela

Cafe Aitoleipä


Makuuni (Rautatienkatu 25)


Pyynikin munkkikahvila (keskustori)

Kahvila Caffetta

Cafe Deco

Pella’s cafe

Espresso House Stockmann

TTT Kahvila

Fazer Café Tampere

Aitoleipä Tammela

Filmtown – Candytown (Hämeenkatu)

Café Siilinkari


Vohvelikahvila Kupari

Cafe Aamurusko

Brander (Tullintori)

Punnitse ja säästä Rautatieasema

Tampereen Työväen Teatteri


Map 3: Ratina

Linkosuo Ratina

Ståhlberg Kuninkaankatu

Kahvila Runo

Finnkino (Plevna)

Pala Café

Spice Ice Ratina

Ciao! Caffe

Marjex Bar

Roberts Coffee Ratina

Kahvila Nostalgia

Makuuni (Satakunnankatu)

Vohvelikahvila (Ojakatu)

Tallipihan kahvila

Tallipihan suklaapuoti

Brander (Hallituskatu)

Cafe Gopal

Cafe Parvi

Espresso House Ratina

Tampereen Työväen Teatteri


Depending on how many stamps you collect to your map, you will get the degree of either Bachelor in Candies, Masters in Sweets or Doctoral in “being stuffed! There are NO rules on which order you need to complete the degrees. Everyone can choose each year how many treats they want to have.

Bachelor in Candies – 5 stamps

Bachelors in Candies will get a badge consisting of an ice cream cone and one ice cream ball.

Masters in Sweets – 9 stamps

Masters in Sweets will get a badge consisting of an ice cream cone and two ice cream balls.

Doctoral in “being stuffed” – 14 stamps

Doctoral in “being stuffed” will get a badge consisting of an ice cream cone and two ice cream balls with a cherry on top.

If you have participated in NamiAppro for three times and you finish with a doctoral degree, you are eligible for the fantastic Fat Pony badge. Remember to bring your old batches with you as a proof!

If you have participated six times and yet again finish with a doctoral degree, you can have the additional piece for Fat Pony, as a reward for a job well done.







– The tickets bought from online sale are collected by the contact person by their name from the instructed place at the instructed time.

– The actual tickets are to be changed into maps from the place and time instructed in the ticket.

– You are also expected to take your map to the finish line designated by your map.

– NamiAppro is a student event, therefore the recommended dress code is overalls.

– In the cafés and candy stores you can either use the offers mentioned on the map or have any other non-alcoholic treat to get a stamp.

– Some of the cafeterias and stores close their doors before 8 pm, so keep that in mind especially if you start NamiAppro after 4 pm.

NamiAppro-team wishes everyone the sweetest Tuesday and delicious NamiAppro!

Bioteekkarikilta Bioner from TUT organizes the sweetest cafeteria round again on Tuesday 11th September in downtown Tampere. This is a great chance to find and tour the most atmospheric, cool and quirky cafeterias around the town meanwhile satisfying those chocolate cravings from here to eternity!

The idea of the appro is to follow a map leading you to taste the sweetest delicacies around the town. After every treat participants will get a stamp in their maps and those who cross the finish line will be awarded with overall badges. This year NamiAppro will have three different starts: Linkosuo Duo, Café Aitoleipä and Linkosuo Ratina. Every map will end up at the same place.

For newcomers the appro is also a nice tour around Tampere as many of the coffee shops are situated in the most idyllic locations.

If you confront any trouble, please contact

We are in process of redoing our gallery.

Here you can see some pictures from earlier NamiAppro events. More pictures can be found with the hashtag #namiappro on Facebook and Instagram.